Junior WordPress Developer

Job Title: Junior Web Developer
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Field of Study: Computer science or related field
Skills: HTML, CSS, Php 7, MySQL, WordPress plagins, Wodrepress Admin UI, Python, AJAX
Schedule: Full-time

Junior WordPress Developer Position

Our team is growing, and we are searching for a talented junior web developer to join our company. You will be working remotely with the team of our professionals.


As a Junior WordPress Developer, your duties will be connected with coding, design and website layout. A high level of computer programming and graphic design are also necessary. The primary duty of the Web Developer is to assist and help with the maintenance of the website. You must be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Write code for websites;
  • Create websites with the help of HTML/CSS;
  • Examine various software programs and tools and provide software documentation;
  • Execute back up plans in case of the problems with a website;
  • Manage and develop the website after it was created;
  • Analyze requirements and present software changes required for implementation.


Junior Web Developer’s position demands multitasking, time-management, problem-solving skills, and the capacity to work with deadlines namely:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science or related field);
  • 2+ years of working with HTML, PHP and CSS;
  • WordPress development system;
  • Eagerness to learn different development systems and tools;
  • Knowledge about best web practices, latest techniques and responsive design;
  • Ability to work with both Mac and Windows;
  • Self-motivation, analytical thinking, problem-solving;
  • Ability to handle stress and multitasking.

If you are interested in this job position, please send your resume to this email address: [email protected]

SMM Specialist

Job Title: SMM Specialist
Education: Bachelor’s degree required
Skills: SEO, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social medias
Schedule: full-time, flexible

SMM Specialist Position

Currently, our company is looking for an experienced Social Media Specialist to attract new clients and interact with our target audience. A Social Media Specialist’s role is to create and maintain the best social media content and keep marketing standards high.


As a SMM Specialist, you will be supposed to produce content and strategies for our websites to increase the popularity of our website, attract new visitors and broaden our target audience. We expect you to perform the following duties:

  • Create and implement a social media strategy;
  • Produce, edit, place and share our daily content;
  • Set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of the company‚Äôs social content;
  • Handling SEO checks for websites;
  • Improving the structure of websites;
  • Providing technical tasks for SEO optimization;
  • Managing optimization on-site.


Social Media Specialist focuses on creating appealing and creative digital content for a company’s various social media platforms. You should understand how social media channels work and how it’s better to optimize content to engage new visitors.

  • Fluent English knowledge;
  • Minimum 6 months experience of SMM, SEO and Content Marketing;
  • Logical and analytical thinking;
  • Being a quick learner;
  • Acquaintance with SEO tools, Search Console and Google Analytics;
  • Excellent knowledge of social media advertising;
  • Knowledge of the latest trends on the market;High level of time management.

If you are interested in this job position, please send your resume to this email address: [email protected]

Web Designer

Job Title: Web Designer
Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Associate degree
Field of Study: Website or graphic design, computer sciences
Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, jQuery, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI),
Schedule: Full-time

Web Designer Position

Currently, our growing team is looking for a talented Web Designer to build unique user experiences. You should have excellent user interface design skills and the ability to create websites that can be easily understood for navigation and usage due to provided specifications and standards.


As a Web Designer, your duties will be connected with the layout, look and characteristics of a website. You have to understand not only graphic design but also computer programming. After the website’s creation, web designer continues helping with supporting and enhancing of the website. You will have the following duties:

  • Perform all visual design works starting from a concept and ending with final engineering steps;
  • Design understandable and engaging pages;
  • Check and improve the design of websites;Implement unique website design ideas to achieve simplicity and user-friendliness;
  • Provide a website operation and stability on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile);
  • Create guidelines concerning design and standards;Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Web Designer’s position demands the implementation of creative ideas for our website and producing various visual elements. To be successful in this position, you are supposed to have proficient visual design skills and excellent graphic design skills, including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You will have to design and build web pages, using not only technical but also non-technical skills to create websites that fit requirements.

  • Minimum 3 years of work experience;
  • Portfolio of your works;
  • Perfect visual design skills;
  • Solid experience in Web Graphic Design and Web User Interface Design;
  • Proficiency in HTML/CSS/JavaScript;
  • High-level of Web Programming Skills;
  • Proficiency in Illustration Tools;
  • Knowledge of Web Analytics;
  • Ability to resolve problems effectively and creatively.

If you are interested in this job position, please send your resume to this email address: [email protected]