Learn beard trimming techniques for your beard in our trimming guide

How To Trim A Beard

Beards add to a man’s good looks, allowing them to hide some obvious flaws while also looking mature and well-groomed. Beards grow on people — no pun intended! But if you are growing a beard for the first time, it can be frustrating to see an untidy and unfinished mess of hair staring back at you in the mirror. Hang in there.

Growing a beard is undoubtedly a great experience if you do it right. We are here to teach you how to trim your beard, especially if you are growing it out. But before we begin, remember growing a beard is a long-term commitment, and it should be done in stages. This way, you can be sure to keep it presentable at all times.

With that said, here’s our beard trimming guide.

How To Trim A Short Beard

A young man is trimming his short beard

Picking the right style comes later. First, you need to grow your mustache and beard out. Typically, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to grow a short beard. The intersting fact that 55% of men across the globe have facial hair of some kind. Here’s how to trim your beard:

1. Comb It Out

A lifehack how to make your short beard look fuller

If you’ve ever been to the barber, you’d remember that he combs your hair before each haircut. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do. Move the comb from bottom to top, making sure that there aren’t any tangles in there.

2. Use Clippers For An Even Cut

A man is trimming his beard with clippers

The first step is to define the shape of your beard and make it a little neater using clippers. This should give you a uniform shape to work with, so trimming it is easy.

3. Fade The Neck And Cheeks

Learn how to trim your cheeks and neck in our guide

Use the same clippers or a razor to remove all hair below Adam’s apple carefully and fade the neck and cheeks in the next step. Start at the hair that connects the mustache and sideburns. Ensure that both the sideburns are of the same length and shape. Remember to keep the neckline over Adam’s apple.

4. Trim The Mustache Properly

To begin, use a comb to brush your mustache upwards. Take your clippers and trim any hair that extends past the comb’s teeth. Then clip all hair that falls over your lips for a neat and clean looking ‘stache.

5. Use Scissors For Detailing

How to use scissors for beard trimming

It’s time to bring in the big guns, i.e., the scissors. Use them to cut all fly-away hairs and land a perfect finish carefully.

6. Finish With A Beard Oil

Well-groomed facial hair smells just as good as it looks. You need something that not only smells good but also hydrates the hair, moisturizes the skin, and keeps the itch away. So, it’s time to invest in beard oil. Take a few drops of oil in the palms of your hands, and rub them into the hair and skin.

How To Trim A Long Beard

Ready to learn how to trim a short beard? Load up on all the tools and accessories you’ll need, i.e., the brushes, clippers, scissors, etc., and get started.

1. Wash Your Beard

How to wash your beard

The best way to trim a beard is to do it when your facial hair is immaculately clean. You don’t want any bacteria, food crumbs or dirt irritating your skin. Use a good cleaner that works for your skin type and leaves your face and hair adequately moisturized.

2. Detangle It

Man is detangling his beard

Make sure your beard is dry, and then use a wide-tooth brush to comb through it. Move the brush upwards and then side to side, repeatedly. When your comb starts moving freely, your long beard is detangled.

3. Trim The Interior

Create an outline on the sides of your cheek by using clippers without a guard. Then with the guard on, begin trimming, moving in a downwards motion. Do it on both sides of your face to ensure that all hair is of equal length. Do the chin next – brush the hair downwards, then use your clippers to trim everything. When you get to the underside, trim from the bottom of the beard till you reach your Adam’s apple. Make sure your head’s tiled back and the clipper’s teeth are facing you.

4. Clean Up The Outline

Your beard should have three clear lines – the cheek and sideburns, the lip line, and the base or jawline. Use your clippers without the guard to connect the base of the sideburns with the mustache. Keep a straight line, or go slightly curved if you have a narrow face. Make sure that the front of your beard doesn’t get in the way. Finally, hold the clipper sideways and trim anything over the upper lip.

5. Finish With A Moisturizer

A guide for moisturizing your beard with a beard oil
A guide for moisturizing your beard with a beard oil

Use a moisturizer that suits your skin and keeps it from feeling dry or itchy.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline And Sideburns

Neat edges are essential for the right look. So pick up your clippers and trim the neckline and sideburns. Experts recommend clipping rough, irregular hair under Adam’s apple and keeping the sideburns long enough to reach the tip of your mustache.

How To Shape Your Beard Properly

Too many people make the mistake of cutting their facial hair too early. Wait until your beard has filled in completely before trying to shape it. Use clippers or trimmers for proper beard trimming. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Find Your Beard Shape

If you have a tall, rectangular face, it’s best to keep medium-sized stubble. On the other hand, a long beard pairs well with a round face. The shape and length ultimately depend on how quickly you can grow a long beard.

2. Brush Your Beard Hair All In The Same Direction

Man is combing his beard with a wooden comb

Always use a wooden comb to avoid hair static and prevent painful (and annoying) hair pulling. And don’t brush your beard when it’s wet because it’s more susceptible to breakage and damage. Move your comb in the same direction to cover any gaps in growth.

3. Shape Your Sideburns And Define Your Neckline

A man wearing a cap is trimming his sideburn

Create an imaginary line from one ear to the other while keeping it above Adam’s apple. The top line goes from the tip of your sideburns to the endpoints of your mustache. Everything within these lines gets a trim. While everything outside gets removed completely.

4. Touch Up Around The Lips

Learn how to trim your mustaches around lips

Comb your mustache upwards, and remove hair that’s long enough to get through your comb’s teeth. Then brush it downwards, and while holding the trimmer on its side, remove any hair that covers the upper lips.

Beard Trimming Tips

  1. Never brush your beard when it is wet.
  2. Always use a wooden-comb.
  3. While trimming, put the clipper on a higher setting, then move towards the lower setting to get your desired look.
  4. Always use scissors to give the perfect finish by removing any unwanted hair that got left behind.
  5. Wash your beard daily, and apply beard balm and oil to keep it moisturized.


How To Trim A Beard With Clippers?

Use the clippers without a guard when creating your outlines. But when trimming, put on a guard that matches your desired size.

How To Trim A Long Beard?

Make sure you start with a beard that’s clean and dry. Define the outlines, then start trimming within them. Afterward, remove all split ends using a pair of scissors or your trusty clippers. And finally, carefully perfect your neckline and sideburns.

Do I Need To Trim My Beard While Growing It Out?

Yes, regular trimming is necessary to maintain the shape of your beard. It also helps keeps split ends and fly-away hairs in check.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline?

Imagine a line from one ear to the other ear that goes over Adam’s apple. Trim everything within the line.