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Best Ways For Straightening A Beard

If you want to straighten your beard, you probably want to do it naturally and with scented chemical products? Read this guide as it will help you achieve that.

Even though there are numerous solutions that can make a beard straight, to make the process easier, we have rounded up some best practices to help you achieve your desired look!

How to Get A Straight Beard

Here are some common ways to straighten your beard:

Using Creams, Waxes, And Oils

Apply a few tiny drops of beard oil during your shower since it moisturizes hair. This way, you’ll get a stylish and symmetrical look.

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Additionally, use conditioners once a week during a shower. It also moisturizes your beard. Put the final straw with some beard wax. It can help sculpt your beard into whatever shape you desire.

Using Styling Tools After Showering

Use a blow-dryer with the straightening piece to comb the beard. Ensure it’s on the low-to-medium heat setting.

Brush it gently, and if needed, use fingers to disentangle rugged areas. Further, switch to the open attachment and keep straightening.

Finish with a fine comb to sift the hair to get an uncurl flow. Make sure to move outwards; comb gently to avert pulling. In the end, straighten the beard once more to cement the changes.

Tools for a beard styling

Straighten Your Beard Chemically

You can also straighten chemically, as most beard products with chemicals are simple to use and apply.

Once you apply it with your hands, use a comb to align the beard. And if you’re worried about the effects of the chemical, know that not all chemical products are harmful, as some use organic ingredients. 

Natural Method Of Straightening Your Beard

Want to know how to straighten beard hair naturally? The process is relatively simple; however, it is time-consuming. Below are the step-by-step instructions to achieve this:

Clean The Beard

Clean the beard comprehensively with a shampoo or a conditioner. This will soften up your coarse facial hair.  And if you’re using soap, ensure it’s free from unpleasant chemicals.

Partially Dry Your Beard Using a Towel

After washing, dry your beard with a dry towel. Avoid rubbing the hair vigorously. In case you have a thick beard, dry it gently to prevent tangling.

Brush Or Comb Your Hair

Comb your beard hair. Gently sift through the strands and remember to brush them in your desired direction.

Maintaining straight beard hair instruction

Use Beard Oil To Moisture It

Once combed, put two drops of your favourite oil in your beard. Ensure it covers your fingers. Then, slowly proceed to rub it into the beard thoroughly.

Dry Your Beard While Combing

Grab your comb again and begin combing. For your convenience, use a blow dryer to do this. Ensure to comb away any knots you see in the beard as you continue blow-drying.   

Apply Balm/Wax

In the end, use some beard wax so that the beard remains uniform and conditioned all day. It also maintains its shape against the rigours of daily life.

A man using beard oil and hairdryer

How To Use Beard Hair Straightener

Another popular method people use to uncurl their beard is heated brush or popularly known as beard straightener.

Step By Step Instructions

Here’s how to use it:

  1. First, wipe your beard hairs with a conditioner
  2. Pat the beard dry
  3. Now, use the dryer or comb to dry
  4. Set the heated brush to its minimal settings
  5. Turn the heated brush on! And before you close the clamps, ensure it’s close to the face
  6. Close and run it gently on beard hairs
  7. Afterward, apply a tiny amount of wax for a refreshing glow

Precautions To Take When Using Straightener For Your Beard

Though the process is simple, you must be careful and prevent accidents. Ensure you never stop in between using the straightener or clamp it in one specific area for long since it can damage or even kill the hair. That’s why most experts prefer the natural method to a heated brush (beard straightening).

Beard Products You Can Use For Beard Straightening

A beard product is arguably the most helpful tool to get a straight, shiny beard. Here are three best products everyone must try once:

Beard Oil

It’s an essential product for all-day use; it acts as a leave-in conditioner. It nourishes the skin below and softens the hair, minimizing itching and creating a healthy condition for higher growth.

Beard Conditioners

A beard conditioner can unquestionably be a game-changer, provided you use a top-notch product. It can transform untamed scruffy beard hairs into a silky, soft mass.

Beard Balm or Silicone Cream

Another valuable product to help in this regard is silicone cream. It acts as your conditioner, moisturizer, and styling product.

A silicone cream is beneficial for individuals who prefer to have fuller beards. Furthermore, it gives volume, control, and shape.

Maintaining Straight Beard Hair

Here are a few killer steps you can follow to ensure your beard remain straight:

  1. Run a plastic comb for 15-minute intervals daily
  2. Clean the hair every week to retain natural oils; otherwise, it’ll get dry, leading to solid locks. Apply some shampoo for this
  3. Use a shower head filter to remove any unwanted chemicals
  4. Use a small-size trimming scissor to snip off frizzy hair
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What Product Can I Use For Straightening A Beard?

Although there are many different products to choose between when straightening beard hairs, we recommend using silicone cream or beard oil.

How To Straighten A Beard Hair Naturally?

1. Clean your beard
2. Dry it with a towel
3. Comb it to straighten
4. Use oil
5. Dry it while brushing/combing
6. Lastly, use a small portion of balm/wax

How To Maintain Straight Beard Hair?

Follow the steps below to ensure a straight beard:
1. Comb it for about 10 to 15 minutes every day
2. Wash it weekly to retain natural oils
3. Use the showerhead filter
4. Trim the frizzy hairs with a small scissor

How To Straighten Beard Hair Naturally?

1. Wash it up. Then, apply conditioner
2. Put some balm and gently massage it
3. Afterward, straighten them out with the comb

How To Train Your Beard To Grow Straight?

1. Trim beard hairs
2. Clean it
3. Brush it gently
4. Comb it downwards and repeat the process daily
5. Use beard products

What Is Chemical Beard Straightener?

It’s a product, which can uncurl the beard instantly. It makes a beard shiny and manageable.

How To Use Flat Iron For Straightening A Beard?

1. Blow-dry your facial hairs  
2. Gently comb them
3. Open a flat iron. Ensure its close to your skin before closing the clamps  
4. Make a downward motion
5. Continue this way till the facial hairs look straight